Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions.


Do you offer sales or discounts?                                                      
Yes! Several times a year special offers and discounts will be available. Information will be emailed indicating an upcoming sale.  Faculty & Staff please see email sent September 25th for additional information. 

    Can discount codes and special offers be applied to everything sold online?
    Special offers and or discount codes will be applied to everything except SALE items.
      How do I know when to pick up my order?                                     
      Make sure you have entered your Email address under “Contact Information.” as all notifications are sent through email. Please see image below for additional clarification.

      Information regarding picking up your order is also listed on the Homepage under: Information Pickup
      Notifications will be sent through email. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email. As soon as your order has been fulfilled you will receive a second email. This email will state, "A Shipment from Order #xxxx is on the Way" or "Order #xxxx is ready for Pick Up." Orders are available for Pick Up as soon as you receive either email. Typically 48 hours (two business days) after purchase. We do not ship any items. Orders are "Pick Up" only. Pick up your items from a Bin labeled, "Pick Up." Pick Up Bin is located in front of the "O" Gym from 8:30am-3pm Monday through Friday. Please make sure to only take the bag with your name on it. Please make sure to pick up your order within five business days.                                                            

      Is the “Brick & Mortar” store opening back up?                                  

      Can I pay in cash?
      Yes! Items may be purchased with cash, credit cards, gift cards, and through Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
        Are you getting new apparel and merchandise in? 
        Yes! We are so excited to offer new apparel and merchandise for sale within the next two to three weeks.
        I have a Cougar $10 Birthday Gift Card from last year...How do I use it? 
        To use previous Birthday /Cougar $10 gift Cards you will need to place your gift card in a plastic bag. Please make sure to include your name with your returned gift card.Place in the "Return Bin" which is located in front of the "O" Gym.Once I receive your card you will receive an email from The Cougar Cave with a new gift card containing a discount code to use at checkout. Please see image below for additional clarification.

        Please note: Your discount code is good for one use and will expire after one year.
        Faculty & Staff Please review email sent September 25th for more information on where to "turn in" your physical gift card in order to receive your discount code.

          What about my Birthday this year...will I still receive a $10 Gift Card?     Yes! You will receive a card within the week of your birthday. August & September 2020 Birthdays will be receiving their cards starting September 25th. Your card will provide further instruction informing you to check your email. You will receive an email from The Cougar Cave. Middle & Lower School Students will have their gift cards emailed to their parents email address. Upper School Students please check your Cougar Email Account for your gift card. You will enter the discount code you see on your gift card at checkout. Please note: Your discount code is good for one use and will expire after one year.  Please see image below for additional clarification.














          Can I use multiple discount codes at a time? 

          Only one discount code is applicable per checkout. Discount Codes, Special Offers and Birthday Gift Cards can not be used together.

          Something I ordered does not fit or I do not like it. Can I return or exchange items purchased?
          In most cases, yes. However, please click on “Returns & Exchanges” located on the menu bar of our website to read about our policies. Please see image below.  




          I still need help. What can I do?   
          Please send an email to CougarCave@Canterburyfortmyers.org and I will be happy to assist you.
          Thank you again! Looking forward to fulfilling your online orders!